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New Homes Concierge is a full service Real Estate group founded to specialize in the marketing and expertise of New Construction homes. With years of experience working for some of the largest US Homebuilders, we have been able to evaluate and create processes to assist homebuyers in their new home search.  Essentially, New Homes Concierge is here to bridge the gap between Builders and Homebuyers in their new home search.  We view this as a win-win for both Builder and Homebuyers as New Homes Concierge creates a more informative and positive experience for homeowners, and it’s all about a good homebuyer experience for builders when delivering a new home.


New Homes Concierge has entered a unique position as the premier New Home resource for buyers interested in owning a new home. Specializing in the new home arena with our background of working for US Homebuilders, gives our clients a much-needed resource in their new home search.  We have developed a system of processes and value added services that will be a benefit to all new home clients, and not dependent on builder selection.  Each of our carefully constructed procedures will bring value to each homebuilder and buyer, as we want to provide the appropriate resources so that each client can choose the best suited home for their lifestyle.



Our advantage with new homes is our expertise, marketing, and value-added systems in making the new home arena the best it can be for buyers and homebuilders.  Services include, but not limited to:


  • Knowledge of each homebuilder and community:  Each home search begins with determining the location, amenities, pricing guidelines and home characteristics that our clients are looking for in their new home.  With knowledge on each homebuilder, local amenities, upcoming new communities, and home profiles of each community, we get you on the right step from the get go!
  • Community statistics and availability:  Want to know how a specific community is selling or what availability they have?  New Homes Concierge doesn’t rely on just what you can find on the Internet as each community is constantly changing and depending on which website you view, the information may not be updated.  We use reports that the Homebuilders use to follow market activity for each community as well developed relationships with each homebuilder to get the most up to date information when needed.
  • Questions will certainly be asked, and even if there not, we will still go over them with you: We want to be a resource for our clients with questions that arise, and welcome them as we progress through each transaction.  In fact, over time we have compiled the questions that most commonly come up, so even if you don’t ask the questions, we still plan on providing you with information that we see most beneficial for our clients.  Why do I have to get pre-qualified with the builder’s in-house lender? What are supplemental taxes? I just was pre-qualified with another lender. Won’t getting pre-qualified with the in-house lender too affect my credit? Why can’t I have a set closing date at the time I purchase my new home?
  • All the nuts and bolts of a new home transaction:From the initial start of your home search all the way to being handed the keys to your new home, New Homes Concierge is with you along the way.  We feel there is so much more than just taking you through the doors to register you to a community on your first visit.  With each transaction we are by your side from start to finish, and even beyond.  We call ourselves New Homes Concierge for a reason! Personally there during purchase agreement and closing document signings. Want a dusty shoe tour of a home in the community? Not only will we help to set it up, but we will attend as long as it’s within Builders policy. Timelines, financing process expectations, move-in checklist once you have closed?We’ve got you covered on these and so much more!
  • And that’s not all. Don’t forget about the New Home Concierge Advantage! :Our presence to create the premier New Home service to our clients just doesn’t end with our knowledge and expertise.  Over the years working for homebuilders we would constantly hear feedback from buyers on things they like to see with their new home purchase, or even after close, things that they had to do after moving in.   We have developed a first to market package of delivering many of these services to each of our New Home construction clients as a way to go above and beyond our client’s expectations.  This set of services is unique to New Homes Concierge and adds to the framework of value to our clients.
  • We listen so that we can continually keep improving ourselves: New Homes Concierge is around today because through the years we have listened and evaluated what can be improved on within the New Home search arena.  This is the groundwork of how our systems have organically come to life, but our process will continually develop as we progress. Our relationships with New Homebuilders and clients will bring new ideas and value added ideas that we will incorporate if we believe it will help one another.
  • Building relationships for years to come: With each client and homebuilder, New Homes Concierge is here to make our relationship one for years to come.   We are here for our clients far more than just to see our homeowners move into their home, as we view our service as a long lasting partnership.  We want our buyers and New Homebuilders to know that we are here for the long haul and are truly an asset in each transaction and well after each home has closed.  Our clients make our identity!

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